Xoon Prefers Meteor.js For App Development

Launch a better product sooner with Meteor

Here’s Why

Xoon has chosen Meteor JavaScript as the preferred framework for app development projects. This new toolkit is intended for modern web apps and mobile apps for cross-platform use. Meteor allows for quick and efficient app build time – which cuts costs without any loss of quality and, in fact, should result in a better app. Meteor in the hands of an experienced app developer like Xoon is a powerful tool.

Benefits of Meteor.js include:

  • Real time – Hitting refresh or having to pull down to refresh is an irritant to users accustomed to web in real time. Meteor has real time built in so there’s no additional programming required.
  • Unified language – Meteor uses the same language for the front-end, back-end and database of the app which simplifies and speeds the development process with superior results.
  • Smart packages – These tools work together seamlessly to allow developers to program apps with less time spent on configuration because it’s built in and ready to go.
  • Active community – An active and informed community means that as innovations evolve for the platform, they will be shared which helps all Meteor users.
  • Cutting edge – With the user demand for real time in apps, Meteor ably fulfills this need and has the funding to continue to evolve and meet and exceed user and developer demands.
  • Cost effective – Because Meteor integrates many of the app development steps into the package, it can reduce lead time for development which, in turn, cuts cost.

Whether you’re developing your first app or your seventh, it’s critical to evolve along with changing user experience demands. App users don’t want to wait for pages to load, want real time results from changes on a form and data selection, and demand instant feedback.

Cross platform success

Xoon recommends Meteor, in particular, because of the ease of cross platform development. With Meteor, Xoon can make your app functional on desktop, iOS (Apple) and Android systems with the same set of code. That’s a huge differentiator. You don’t need a wholly new app for each platform. You can have it all when you choose Xoon – and Meteor.

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